Elite Aircraft Services is a highly skilled and dedicated team that specializes in providing a wide range of aircraft support services. Our mission began when we recognized the need to offer a service that extends the reach of Operators, DOMs, Chief Pilots, and Aircraft Managers. We understand that there are times when they cannot be present, and that's where we come in. Our on-site oversight support and technical guidance ensure that maintenance visits, refurbishments, pre-buy inspections, pre-delivery inspections, and completion inspections receive the necessary supervision. Our goal is not to take over aircraft management, but rather to provide services that enhance your capabilities. We understand that life can get busy and unpredictable, with factors such as family commitments, illness, travel disruptions, weather conditions, rental car shortages, vacations, and high hotel rates. By availing our services, you can save time, money, and avoid disruptions while we oversee and protect your best interests.

Additionally, our team offers Flight Technician services, specializing in G650/ER, G500, and G600 aircraft. We conduct thorough preflight inspections to ensure that every aspect is meticulously examined and serviced prior to flight. Our technical expertise and knowledge of aircraft and procedures greatly reduce the occurrence of No Fault Founds and missed flights. In the event that the aircraft cannot dispatch, we are well-versed in the processes and procedures to promptly dispatch the necessary parts and personnel to restore your aircraft to service. With years of experience serving Gulfstreams Demo team, having a flight technician on board can significantly minimize operator downtime and revenue loss. Our aim is to provide exceptional support that extends your capabilities without adding extra effort on your part.

Another valuable service we offer is Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring support. In these new generation Gulfstream aircraft, every system is monitored by the AHTMU, which provides analytical data to identify potential trending faults. Additionally, GSN data can be evaluated to pinpoint specific issues for advanced troubleshooting. When the system is fully operational, engine health is transmitted directly to the engine manufacturers, while FOQA data is sent to GE for evaluating flight conditions. Health and Trend Monitoring serves as a proactive method to identify potential issues and prevent missed flights. With over 10 years of experience in AHTMS/HTM, we are well-versed in G650, G500, G600, G700, and G800 systems. We can provide ASC support, data loading and system configuration, troubleshooting, aircraft profile setup, and LSAP generation. Our familiarity with subscription services and Gulfstream's processes ensures efficient and effective monitoring.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the aircraft industry, we possess a diverse range of expertise. Our team members hold licenses in A&P, FCC, and Flight Safety Maintenance, and are certified in Third Crew, Engine Run, and Taxi operations. We are experienced in Gulfstream production, completions delivery, and customer support processes and procedures. Furthermore, we have a strong background in working with service centers and AOG teams. While we provide support for various Gulfstream aircraft models such as G200, G280, GIV, and GV, our specialization lies in G450, G550, G650/ER, G500, and G600. Rest assured, when you choose Elite Aircraft Services, you are opting for a team with extensive knowledge and experience dedicated to meeting your aircraft support needs.