Dan Muir

With over twenty-two (22) years of experience in the aviation industry, I have provided support for both rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft. I hold an FAA A&P License and an FCC license with a Radar Endorsement. My expertise lies in avionics and electrical systems. Throughout my career, I have been involved in various tasks such as pre-delivery inspections, final STC approvals, ASC's, CB's, AD's, MOL's, custom engineering, and scheduled as well as unscheduled maintenance support.

I am well-versed in AMM requirements, CMP tasks, and the utilization of diverse maintenance tools. Additionally, I have offered guidance on MMEL, provided AOG support, managed scheduling, assisted with part sales, and developed Engineering LONTO's for in-service aircraft. I have also served as a backup Supervisor in Technical Operations. Furthermore, I hold Flight Safety Maintenance Initial certification for GV, GVI, and GVII and I am certified in Engine Run and Taxi for Gulfstream GVI (G650/ER) and GVII (G500/600) airframes. I have attained Third Crew and Egress certifications and previously worked as a Flight Tech on GVI and GVII aircraft. Additionally, I have represented Gulfstream as part of their Demonstration team at multiple NBAA events

My knowledge extends to the Honeywell PlaneView Epic Operating system, GE solid state Power systems, and DCN networks. I possess extensive experience with GE/Gulfstream's GVI, GVII, and GVIII Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring Systems, as well as Rolls Royce EHM program and Pratt & Whitney Canada ESP. I am well-acquainted with data loading and retrieval, P4 data, FMS Ctrl-D, ACMF, Fault History, FOQA, and trend analysis. I have contributed to the field by developing training guides, journal articles, and reference materials on aircraft health and trend monitoring, which have been published on MyGulfstream.com. I am familiar with tools utilized in Health and Trend Analysis.

In the past, I have worked extensively with Gulfstream GCMS cabin management systems and AVDS cabin entertainment networks. I possess experience with Weather Radar, EVS, HUD, and other navigational equipment. As a highly diverse, motivated, and dedicated individual, I have successfully led projects and supervised personnel, consistently achieving positive results. I possess the ability to quickly assess situations and react accordingly, ensuring timely and appropriate resolution. I am accustomed to traveling and working in stressful environments, always maintaining a positive attitude.

Furthermore, I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, where I served as an Avionic Flight Systems/Radar Technician, holding a SECRET security clearance. I have received multiple awards and recognition for my exceptional job performance